Global Warming Induced Blizzards: The Bitter Clinger Down the Road


The other day Al Gore reiterated, on the very day of one of the worst and largest snowstorms/blizzards in recent memory, that all the snow is because the planet’s getting hotter.

About a 40 minute drive up the highway from where I sit, Al Gore has a disciple who refuses to let go:

GRAND RAPIDS – As Mayor George Heartwell prepared today’s “State of the City” speech that calls for programs to address global warming, a blizzard dropped 16 inches of proof on the city.

“I’ve had so many people ask me this week, ‘Where are you and Al Gore now?’” said Heartwell, whose speech calls for more trees, public transit improvements and a new program to reduce energy consumption in downtown buildings.

For those who question the blizzard as proof of global warming, Heartwell said warmer global temperatures means less ice on Lake Michigan, more evaporation and thus, more snow in the winter and more rain in the summer.

Oh pah-leez. We’ve had “lake effect” snow in Michigan since even before Al Gore was a glimmer in Charles Ponzi’s eye, and certainly for thousands of years prior to that — well before the industrialization that Heartwell pretends is causing it to get so hot that it’s snowing more.

Less ice on Lake Michigan? It’s been 15 f*#@%$g degrees here for the past three weeks. Is the freezing point of water different than it was when I was in 3rd grade science class?

Warmer global temperatures means less ice on Lake Michigan? If it’s 15 degrees over Lake Michigan, I don’t care if it’s blistering hot in Sudan — Lake Michigan’s still gonna have ice on it.

However, I realize it’s futile to debate people who have dollar signs in their eyes while they’re pretending to argue science.

Author: Doug Powers

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