Super Sunday Banter and Obama/O’Reilly Interview Drinking Game

Okay, just to get it out of the way quickly, here’s my prediction: Packers 34, Steelers 28. Pittsburgh will have a chance to win near the end of the game after Troy Polamalu picks off an Aaron Rodgers pass with under four minutes to play and gets within fifteen yards of the goal line before tripping over his own hair and fumbling the ball back to the Pack.

The halftime performers are the Black Eyed Peas, which means I’ll be spending an hour in the garage tinkering with the snowblower before the 3rd quarter begins.

Just before the game, a tribute video to Ronald Reagan will air. Here it is:

At some point before the game, Bill O’Reilly will interview Barack Obama. O’Reilly’s already giving himself “Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show” sized ratings. Do a shot whenever O’Reilly says “spin” or lobs a softball question, or whenever Obama says “let me be clear,” “targeted investments,” “winning the future” or mentions Reagan.

During the game Obama will party with Jennifer Lopez, but Obama is going to bring Joe Biden just so J-Lo doesn’t show up with the biggest ass.

Also, there will be no cheerleaders at this Super Bowl — possibly so Ben Roethlisberger has one less temptation to get in trouble over.

(h/t Cubachi)

Author: Doug Powers

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