Good News for Sarah Palin: If She Runs for President, John McCain Won’t Endorse Her


I disagree with the reporter’s assessment of the weight John McCain’s endorsement in 2012 would carry for a Republican presidential candidate. RINOs will no doubt be out of season amongst a pool of candidates trying to ride the Tea Party wave of 2010 into the Oval Office.

From Yahoo News:

Silence is said to sometimes speak volumes. Senator John McCain (R-AZ), 2008 presidential hopeful and a man whose endorsement in the upcoming 2012 presidential primaries would provide a powerful push to a politician’s campaign, told Politico this week that he had no plans of endorsing anyone for the 2012 Republican Party nomination. No endorsement of anyone, of course, would include his 2008 running mate, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin…

“I think I’m staying out of this for the first time in many years,” McCain told Politico.

He was then asked if it meant he would stay out of the race altogether. His reply? “Most likely.”

If a breeze just blew through your hair it was only a bunch of potential GOP candidates breathing a collective sigh of relief.

Besides, for what it’s worth, I think McCain has already made his endorsement.

Author: Doug Powers

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