Joe Biden: Conductor of the Train to the Future


Here’s something that should help you sleep better tonight — From the Morning Call by way of Michelle:

Speaking from Philadelphia’s 30th Street train station, Vice President Joe Biden joined by Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, announced $53 billion over six years for new high-speed rail corridors and increased speeds on existing lines.

Biden, who LaHood called the “conductor of the train to the future” has long been one of Amtrak’s greatest champions. The plan, which Obama will include $8 billion for in his 2012 budget to be released next week, fits with the administration’s message of global competitiveness.

“Conductor of the train to the future”? Are we talking about the same Joe Biden whose motorcades keep getting into accidents?

LaHood’s saying Biden’s the conductor when most Americans associate him more closely with the caboose.

How will all this be paid for? Probably by taking it out of America’s ass at the gas pump:

Grabbing Biden for a moment after his speech, I asked him how to pay for all this.

“The same way you fund the highways,” he said quickly before moving on.

Note: Highways are funded by gasoline taxes. Does that mean they’ll be new user fees in the administration’s plan?

Well duh!

The moral of the story for big-spending liberal politicians is clear: When you’re looking for excuses to railroad people, don’t forget about the railroads!

Author: Doug Powers

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