John Kerry: Backstage Diva


So Sen. Thurston Kerry III doesn’t like ketchup? I never would have guessed:

Musicians aren’t the only ones with demands. Even politicians, like former presidential candidate, Senator John Kerry, have them. But while Kerry’s rider outlines specific dishes like “Szechwan string beans” as must-haves, perhaps more interesting is what he omits. “NEVER order: Tomato based products OR sandwiches,” Kerry’s rider explicitly said, which is made all the more humorous by the fact that his wife became wealthy from the $550 million she took away from her first marriage to the heir to the Heinz fortune.

Hmm, I figured he’d be bathing in ketchup, but nope — just the money.

I’m guessing that Thurston’s backstage demands also include gratuitous reminders to the waitstaff to remove the red M&Ms from the bowl and to mention to everyone they see that Kerry served in Vietnam — but mostly the latter.

Author: Doug Powers

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