Great Moments in Public Education, Part XXXIV: ‘Our Teachers Brought Us Here to Protest Some Dude’; Updated

In Wisconsin, the future of public education is now.

Union teachers, so ever concerned with their students getting a full-day’s worth of valuable study time, have been taking their students on class time to protest the Wisconsin governor’s plan to eliminate collective bargaining for public employees.

How bad are these teachers? They didn’t even bother to teach their students what was going on:

Yesterday, Madison schools were closed because of a district-wide “sick out” among teachers. Yes, the education union cares that much about kids’ education.

Obama of course said that what’s going on in Wisconsin is an “assault on unions.” Now that would be a rare turning of the tables.

Naturally, the Hitler imagery and death threats are flowing like melted Wisconsin cheddar as well.

Update: Where there are massive union protests, there will be people handing out socialist propaganda:


Update II: Anti-capitalist capitalist Michael Moore weighs in (can he do it any other way?)

Update III: So I guess that “new tone” thing is over, eh? On the left it never started:


Update IV: Courageous Wisconsin Democrat politicians are on display today. At least they would be if anybody could find them:

MADISON, Wis. – Police officers were dispatched Thursday to find Wisconsin state lawmakers who had apparently boycotted a vote on a sweeping bill that would strip most government workers of their collective bargaining rights.

The lawmakers, all Democrats in the state Senate, did not show up when they were ordered to attend a midday vote on the legislation.

Author: Doug Powers

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