Wal-Mart Security Fired for Disarming Man With Gun

Does it sound as if Walmart’s policy for store security is, “If an intruder has a gun, save your own ass and let him kill somebody else”?

Sometimes the best thing is to disarm an intruder immediately, and at Wal-Mart you can get fired for it:

Four Wal-Mart employees have been fired after management said they violated company policy by disarming an alleged shoplifter who had pulled a gun inside the store.
On Jan. 13, employees allegedly witnessed a man identified as Trent Allen Longton take a netbook computer out of the package and stuff it under his shirt. When Longton attempted to leave the store, he was confronted by Poulsen, who escorted him to a nearby office. The two were joined there by Ray, Richins and Stewart, Salt Lake City’s Deseret News reported.

Inside the office, Longton allegedly pulled out a loaded handgun and ran toward the office door, which was blocked by Ray, Richins and Stewart. Longton then allegedly grabbed Stewart and shoved the gun into his back. Concerned for their safety, the workers reacted forcefully and disarmed Longton.

In the police incident report, the investigating officer noted that the Wal-Mart employees acted in the “best interest and safety” of those around them. Longton, as it turned out, was a convicted felon who was prohibited from possessing a firearm.

Wal-Mart managers, however, disagreed. The following week, the four workers were fired for violating the company’s “Investigation and Detention of Shoplifters Policy.” The policy instructs employees to retreat if an individual brandishes a weapon.

Wal-Mart’s manual on handling individuals who brandish weapons is also known as “‘How to Get Shot in the Back’ for Dummies.”

These people got fired for not letting a guy with a loaded gun in his hand leave an office and run back into the store amongst the customers. And this is the same store management that the Department of Homeland Security is partnering with to help keep us all safe?

Author: Doug Powers

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