Call in Sick to Your Wisconsin Teaching Job and Need a Doctor’s Note? No Problem

Ah, the great lessons on civics, morality and ethics that Wisconsin teachers are imparting on school kids this month…


That photo is linked from this Tweet from a pro-union person at the rally, who writes, “Group of doctors here signing notes for absent teachers.” Nice.

I think we’ve found our first Obamacare czars — ones who put the new Hippocratic Oath of “First do no harm to the union” first and foremost.

Can any of you Tea Partiers out there please get one of those notes so these “doctors” can be stripped of their licenses? That is, if they’re doctors at all. (In comments, “annoytheleft” says the writing is way too legible for these to be actual doctors — heh)

Update: Michelle M. has one of the doctor’s notes for fake sick teachers here. Diagnosis: Malignant Hope & Change — Prescription: More taxpayer money.

(h/t Freep)

Author: Doug Powers

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