Vail Daily Defends Low-Fat Honor of Michelle Obama’s Braised Ancho-Chile Short Rib Dinner

A lot of people have trouble understanding why some Americans who are being lectured on health and told why they should skip vacations make a fuss when those issuing the decrees violate them constantly. I often note the “for thee but not for me” hypocrisy too.

However, I didn’t say a word when Drudge linked to the fat content of short ribs, the meal that Michelle Obama reportedly ordered while on vacation with the kids in Vail — although it was tempting. Others, Rush Limbaugh for example, did say something.

But at the Vail Daily, somebody is defending Michelle’s low-cal honor:

VAIL, Colorado – Some conservative bloggers and talk-show hosts act like the short rib in Michelle Obama’s dinner entree was, like Adam’s, extracted from them personally.

The first lady, in Vail with her daughters and some friends for the Presidents Day weekend, dined at Restaurant Kelly Liken in Vail Village Saturday night, enjoying a pickled pumpkin salad with arugula and a braised ancho-chile short rib with hominy wild mushrooms and sauteed kale.

So, of course, some people are taking the short view of the short rib.

A braised short rib is a relatively lean cut of beef, braised with most of the fat cooked off. The 5-ounce serving runs about 600 calories, Liken said — a far cry from the 1,500 calories and 141 grams of fat it’s accused of.

They’re not very lean according to this site.

But… according to that story, a day of skiiing can burn 6,000 calories, so no matter how high in fat and “pounding at your heart with the fist of God” cholesterol-laden the meal was, FLOTUS has got this meal burned off already, so back off wingnuts!


Author: Doug Powers

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