Palin to Announce in April?

It’s very early, but so far I’ve been horribly underwhelmed by most of the names being bandied about for the GOP nomination. My grocery list is more exciting. That’s why whenever the name of an actual conservative is mentioned as a possibility, my interest is piqued.

The Republican fray will need one, two, or more, true conservatives to keep the debates focused and to call out candidates who will end up doing little except serving as reasons to vote for Obama. That’s why I want Sarah Palin to throw her bearskin hat into the ring, and every day it’s looking like that will soon happen.

File this under both “slow news day material” and “purely conjecture” for now:

Believe it or not, it’s already high time for presidential hopefuls to kick off their campaigns even though the election isn’t until November 2012 — and we’ve connected some dots that strongly suggest where and when Sarah Palin will be announcing. has learned that Palin has booked an appearance in April on The Bob and Mark Show on 106.5 KWHL-FM in Anchorage. Sarah has said all along — including on the final episode of her TLC show Sarah Palin’s Alaska — that she would announce her candidacy on the radio via Bob and Mark.

While the exact date hasn’t been confirmed, we’re told that with Sarah’s schedule, her appearance on the show — especially booked so far in advance — can mean only one thing: That she’ll be kicking off her campaign on the radio.

A few weeks ago a Palin appearance this coming May 2nd in Denver was canceled — threats were cited as the reason — but May 2nd also happens to be the date of the first Republican presidential debate at the Reagan Library.

If Palin runs, can she win? I think anybody could win — sometimes that’s the problem — but I’d sure like to see her in the race. She’d certainly be hard to beat on the fundraising end, which is obviously the #1 consideration in the make-or-break rankings. Palin’s one of the few, if not the only one, who doesn’t have a conservative street-cred stain.

Some — Newt Gingrich and Tim Pawlenty for example — are fiscally conservative but with the deal-breaker of having been known to swig Al Gore’s Kool Aid. Others like Huckabee are gullible saps on government motives behind childhood obesity — Huck actually thinks the focus of “Let’s Move” is to make kids healthier, fer cryin’ out loud. Mitt Romney was the original architect of Obamacare, and you know how that flies with conservatives. Ron Paul will win every online poll imaginable while getting slaughtered at the actual polls, so I won’t waste time even going there.

For now, among the candidates who have been mentioned and are likely to run, Sarah Palin’s my choice in the primaries. That is, if she runs… which we may find out soon.

Author: Doug Powers

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