Joyanna Adams:Nobody Skinputs the President While Waiting for Powers to Return

Nobody’s Fool: Oh no…this is too good to be true. Just when I thought there was no help for us in controlling our politicians from spending money, Microsoft has come to save the day!
I believe dear citizens…we might have ourselves a fine solution!
Let me explain: Let’s set up the problem. ‘President’ Obama is planning to travel the whole month of March to different schools all over the nation. It’s really an excuse to campaign for his re-election, but he is telling the nation it’s because he cares about our kids.
Just the fuel cost alone with Air Force One, not to mention all the hundreds of people he has to take with him, and all the cities that have to close down, and the cost of fuel going up by the hour…and the happy hour bar expenses, and Michelle’s 47 or so assistants, should put us taxpayers out about..$4 billion. The night alone in Miami will add up to at least half. But have no fear, he just put $4 billion dollars into our educational system, which means, we are paying for his campaign.
Do you think that we, the taxpayers, should have to pay for President Obama to fly all over the country campaigning on our dime?
Did the Pilgrims cross the Atlantic on the Titanic? Did King George sign our Constitution? Do I think that Hillary’s new haircut makes her look like a cute little hippie of nineteen again?
So, how do we stop this man from wasting taxpayer’s money? We make sure he wears the new Microsoft SKINPUT. And then get our best hackers. Yes, you just touch yourself (Anybody want to take this one? Or should we send this one to Doug who is still in Las Vegas?) and the body’s vibrations respond to your command.
“Variations in bone density, size and mass, as well as filtering effects from soft tissues and joints, mean different locations are acoustically distinct”
We can then push that button on our hand, and the President will…stay right there in the Oval Office. Another button will fill his head with sleep. He can’t spend money if he can’t get out of bed now can he?
As you can see, I’m absolutely giddy with the possibilities!
Okay, Nobody makes this stuff go here and check it out. You got any better ideas, let me know.
Joyanna Adams sitting in for Doug Powers…who will be back soon.