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If the Rule of Law is not important now…then when?
Nobody’s Opinion: A government of Law and not of men….John Adams
Nobody believes in the rule of law. Our founders knew it was important for our President to be a citizen. It’s a no brainer. And this coming election, it’s going to be a big problem with Obama.
The media is going to completely ignore it, or try not report it. CNN will not even mention it, Fox will act like it’s not even worth their time, but we nobodies must insist on the discussion. 
Some states are already on it, thank goodness. Without law, we have tyranny. It’s that simple. And Obama not only has not provided a reliable certificate of birth, he won’t even release any other of his records.
The fact that he even got into the race tells you how broken our government is. We have to keep him for obvious reasons till the election, but he shouldn’t even be allowed to run again. Not if we go by the “rule of law.” If we were a country ruled by law, not men, he would be prosecuted for fraud.
There is no background check for our politicans, and that’s an outrage. No drug tests, no intelligence tests, no psychological tests: it’s a disgrace.
I won’t go into analysis here on the birther problem, except to say that 58% of us are astonished that Bill O’Reilly, Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, Mike Huckabee, and Chris Matthews (Notice how these conservatives are in complete agreement with the pumpkin head, Chris Tinkle?) either have lost all common sense or are protecting something. Bring up Obama’s birth certificate and they all act like Palin’s mamma grizzly bears. They resort to acting like the liberals they interview all the time. They resort to name calling anyone who dare ask a simple question.
Ann Coulter called us (Nobody is a birther– can’t help myself) a bunch of cranks. Bill O’Reilly calls us just plain nuts. And Glenn Beck—he’s the worst of all. To him, asking the question, “Where’s the birth certificate?” is an act of treason. Yes, Glenn Beck, who touts the founders every chance he gets on his show, is seething in his satire against the “birthers.”
Nobody wishes James Madison could be downloaded and put on your show Glenn, because he would tell you just how important it is that no foreigner become the head of our country. They could destroy the country, and our Constitution. Barak Hussein Obama, a man who is ashamed of this country, and lies at every chance, is doing just that.
But…something tells me you already know that.
The birthers aren’t gong “ballistic” or calling Ann Coulter, or Glenn Beck names back. So, why are these FOX NEWS people losing their pantyhose? Lou Dobbs has it right…Just show it Obama.
He can’t. In fact, Obama has personally spent millions trying NOT to.
Joseph Farah, the editor of WorldNetDaily, along with his researchers and writers, has done the best research in the business on this subject, and it would take too long for me to blog all the facts, but WorldNet Daily, has them in spades.  

 Rush Limbaugh is on our side— that’s good:  “Barack Obama has yet to prove he’s a citizen. All he’d have to do is show a birth certificate.”

So why? Why are the biggest conservative FOX pundits, usually a bastion of common sense, going completely wacko on this subject?
Business does not do well in chaos. They need stability. This nobody believes they think they are protecting the Office of the Presidency, and maybe even keeping the country from exploding. If they admitted that Obama is a fake, they are afraid of the problems and outrage it would cause. Glenn Beck’s job, if it has been nothing else every single day…has been to keep us all from rioting. They do not want chaos…plain and simple.
But—to treat the citizens of the United States like simple children, who would riot if they knew the truth, is an insult in itself.
Bill O’Reilly thinks that the Office of the Presidency is some kind of golden throne, to be protected at all cost. Bill, has the last President’s past advisor on his show regularly. The King’s advisors…media and government in bed, affecting and telling us all what to do. Not good. We fought a revolution to stop just that kind of tyranny.
So, lighten up Bill. Give us a break, Beck. Go comb your hair, Ann. Have a little bit more faith in the American people, as Rush does, or…we will start thinking you guys are just puppets of a one party, ping-pong system of elites. If you keep protecting Obama, ignoring the rule of law, and he is voted in for a second term, you might find yourself replaced by Al-Jezeera, who according to Hillary Clinton, reports the REAL news which will be:
Fox News reporters are all nuts. 
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