Department of Justice Orders Lowering of Police Test Standards

Not enough of Eric Holder’s “my people” have been passing the test to become Dayton, Ohio police officers.

So what’s the solution? Encourage minority applicants to study harder? Oh hell no — all you have to do is lower the score needed to pass:

DAYTON — The Dayton Police Department is lowering its testing standards for recruits.

It’s a move required by the U.S. Department of Justice after it says not enough African-Americans passed the exam.

Dayton is in desperate need of officers to replace dozens of retirees. The hiring process was postponed for months because the D.O.J. rejected the original scores provided by the Dayton Civil Service Board, which administers the test.

Under the previous requirements, candidates had to get a 66% on part one of the exam and a 72% on part two.

The D.O.J. approved new scoring policy only requires potential police officers to get a 58% and a 63%. That’s the equivalent of an ‘F’ and a ‘D’.

“It becomes a safety issue for the people of our community,” said Dayton Fraternal Order of Police President, Randy Beane. “It becomes a safety issue to have an incompetent officer next to you in a life and death situation.”

The real “safety issue” is having incompetent social activists and PC community organizers running the federal government and issuing brain dead decrees to local authorities.

Eric Holder worries about what’s demeaning to “his people”, but he doesn’t consider calling all of them too stupid to pass a test without drastically lowering standards to be demeaning? That’s Hope & Change for ya.

Author: Doug Powers

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