Ironic: Villains in ‘Red Dawn’ Remake Changed So Beijing Won’t Be Offended


In the upcoming Red Dawn semi-remake, the “bad guys” were originally scripted to be the ChiComs, but to avoid offending Beijing, the villain has been revised to be North Korea — unless Kim Jong il takes issue, then I suppose the invader will be Justin Bieber or something like that:

Hollywood film-makers have changed the villains in a re-make of the film Red Dawn to avoid offending China and spoiling its chances of success at the box office.

The original action film starring Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen featured Russian troops invading America.

In the remake Chinese troops lead the invasion – but bosses at MGM studio are to spend more than $1 million on digital special effects to make it appear the invaders are from North Korea.

This is sort of like a “Red Dawn” movie within a “Red Dawn” movie. By changing the villains so that Beijing won’t be offended, does that mean that China has already taken over in real life… just a little bit maybe? This could be the most ironic example of art imitating life ever.

Instead of spending a million dollars digitally altering the villain, they should have just kept China as the invader, made the movie revolve around debt, and changed the title to “Repo Man II.”

Last summer they were filming portions of the movie here in Michigan, and I think this propaganda poster would make a great addition to the “Let’s Move” anti-obesity campaign:


Author: Doug Powers

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