Obama Files Re-Election Papers


I got this email a couple of hours ago and I feel so “in the loop”:


Chris Matthews got one too and he’s so excited he can’t even stand up. If you see his producer yelling “hand check” during tonight’s Hardball show, you’ll know why.

Here’s Obama’s 2012 logo — yawn:


The re-election pitch will be this: “In four short years we’ve closed Gitmo, made clean energy abundant and affordable, slowed the rise of the oceans, stimulated the economy, chipped away at the debt, ended the wars, passed a health care bill that everybody loves and nobody needs waivers from, and we’ve brought peace to the Middle East!”

That’ll be the pitch anyway — hey, they bought it by the millions the first time around, why not try it again? These people are still eating it up:

Ad Daniel Foster pointed out at NRO, it’s interesting that the announcement video contains nothing from Obama himself.

Author: Doug Powers

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