Wisconsin ‘Bombshell’: Thousands of Votes for Prosser Found after Kloppenburg Declares 204-Vote Victory

Alternate headline: Klopp Goes Plopp


Michael Moore’s unhappy, so something good must have happened (he’s smelling a rat in Wisconsin, but I think it’s just this guy).

Yesterday, Supreme Court candidate JoAnne Kloppenburg declared victory over David Prosser, the Justice the unions had mobilized to defeat. The problem is that Kloppenburg based her victory declaration on Associated Press reports, which showed her winning by 204 votes. The AP didn’t have the correct vote total, because several thousand votes for Prosser were later discovered.

From the Journal Sentinel by way of Hot Air:

In a political bombshell, the clerk in a Republican stronghold released new vote totals adding a net total of 7,403 new votes in the tight state Supreme Court race to Justice David Prosser, swinging the race significantly in his favor.

Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus said Thursday that she failed to correctly enter in her computer and then report 14,315 votes in the city of Brookfield, omitting them entirely in an unofficial tally released after Tuesday’s election. The new totals give 10,859 more votes to Prosser and 3,456 more to Kloppenburg, she said.

“I’m thankful that this error was caught early in the process. This is not a case of extra ballots being found. This is human error which I apologize for, which is common,” Nickolaus said, her voice wavering as she spoke to reporters.

She said she had reviewed numbers from all the other municipalities in the county to ensure that no other similar errors were made. She said she was not aware of any error of this size being made in any past election in her county.

The fresh numbers provide a new tilt to a race that had appeared to be headed toward the first statewide recount in two decades and as well spring a new surprise on a state that had already faced two months of chaotic politics. But the numbers also seemed almost certain to inject new controversy into an already heated race.

The Daily Kos yesterday: “What a humiliation for the Tea Party and their media toads.” Heh heh.

The SEIU will come in and handle the recount, you know… just to make sure everything’s on the up and up.

Update: Tough night for Tingles.

Update II: If you’re in the mood to laugh at a liberal’s expense, Gateway Pundit has Kloppenburg’s victory speech from last night.

Author: Doug Powers

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