We’ll Keep Our Boehner Out of Your Vaginas if You Keep Your Hands Out of Our Wallets… Deal?

It only figures that because the budget battle has focused so much on Planned Parenthood funding that the NARAL crowd has been drawn out in full force:


Here’s my question… NARAL stands for National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League. “Abortion” is right there in their title, so it’s obvious what they focus on. I’ve had telling me in my email today that “federal law prohibits tax dollars from going to performing abortions… the money that PP gets goes to other services!” Okay… then why are “abortion rights” people freaking about defunding something they say PP gets no money for?

The fact is that money to Planned Parenthood is money to Planned Parenthood. If our tax dollars help meet the bottom line on one side of their business they’ve got extra resources for another side of their business. So yes, taxpayers do help subsidize abortions. Planned Parenthood knows it, NARAL knows it, Harry Reid knows it, Nancy Pelosi knows it and Barbara Boxer knows it. That’s why they’re freaking out so much over it.

Does anybody really believe Dems are going crazy over pulling money for Planned Parenthood to perform women’s cancer screenings that are already covered by the Obamacare law? This is about abortions, no matter what Harry Reid says.

If they cared so much about women the first thing they’d do is stop killing hundreds of thousands of them a year in their beloved abortion clinics.

Update: A deal has been announced that will avoid a shutdown, at least for now. What happened with the Planned Parenthood funding? Is Boehner in or out of NARAL’s vagina? We’ll find out soon enough.

Author: Doug Powers

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