The Pledge: Maybe if Somebody Replaced ‘God’ with ‘Cowboy Poets’ Harry Reid Would Want to Say It

Rep. Betty McCollum once left out “under God” from a recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance on the House floor. Obama took “Creator” out of the Declaration on at least a couple of occasions. Today, the undertaker Harry Reid flexed his secular muscle:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) talks about how he enjoys hearing the pledge of allegiance at the beginning of the Senate session, however does not say “under God.” Instead, he says “one nation, indivisible.”

Hey, you try looking at Henry Waxman and Rosa Delauro every day and see if your faith isn’t rattled. Maybe if we replaced “God” with “cowboy poets” Harry would say it.

Click the pic of the undertaker in action to watch:


Speaking of Reid, he wants America to take Bill Clinton’s “Bridge to the 21st Century” back to the 20th century. How about we just stay where we are and get rid of the idiots, worms, crooks, scumbags and liars in DC instead? Dare to dream.

Author: Doug Powers

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