Media Matters Thinks I Proved Pelosi’s Point?

Every now and then some Soros-bot at Media Matters tries to “debunk” something I wrote — and usually it’s a snark, joke or wise-crack of some sort they’re trying to disprove, which makes it even funnier and more pathetic than usual.

I often demonstrate Media Matters sense of humor this way: If you started a “knock-knock” joke they’d actually get up to see who was at the door, then write an article on how deceitful you are.

Anyway, the other day I wrote about Nancy Pelosi lamenting the fact that elections matter and how “extremism” (i.e. anybody who disagrees with Nancy Pelosi) is ruining the election process.

Okay, here’s where Media Matters has to pretend to be ignorant as all hell (or maybe they’re not pretending). It’s a well-known fact that Pelosi has compared Tea Partiers to Nazis by saying they were “carrying Swastikas” and whatnot, but apparently Media Matters didn’t read that memo because it wasn’t written on Soros letterhead.

So in my post, I returned the favor. When discussing Pelosi saying “elections shouldn’t matter as much as they do” (yes, she said that verbatim) I linked to a tyranny that began because of people who thought that elections were getting in the way of their goals — Germany in the early 1930’s.

After going into a pathetic excuse for what Pelosi was actually saying, Media Matters’ conclusion was that I “proved Pelosi’s point”? What?

“Powers proved Pelosi right… cancel the elections!” I don’t quite get it, but then, Media Matters never does either. Oh, but here’s the good part. From what I can gather, Pelosi wasn’t saying “cancel the elections” — she was just saying that the right to vote in the hands of the “wrong people” was a bad thing for America, and Media Matters backed her up on that. Well, in that case…

And of course they never bothered to mention that Pelosi once called Tea Partiers Nazis, because that would have provided the “context” they always claim to be seeking.

Media Matters, this one’s for you.

Update: Do these tools seriously wonder why I don’t want them in charge of my health care?


Author: Doug Powers

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