Bill Clinton Misses Those Romantic Days When Times Square was Crawling with Hookers

Keep the faith, Bill. There’s always a chance that Mayor Bloomberg will turn the place back into the cesspool it was before Giuliani cleaned it up:

Former President Bill Clinton on Wednesday said the city had improved Times Square by making it a family- and pedestrian-friendly place but said its former mix of prostitutes and colorful characters was “romantic” and “fascinating.”

Clinton appeared with Mayor Bloomberg Wednesday as they announced the merger of their climate groups — Climate Initiative and C40 — and boasted that turning cars away from the tourist mecca in the center of the city had improved air quality.

“When I was 18 years in November of 1964, a freshman at Georgetown, I first went to Times Square. I bought a steak at Tad’s Steakhouse. I heard a guy ream his mother out, poor working woman, because she’d given him a hi-fi instead of a stereo speaker. I remember everything about it,” he said, according to a transcript of his remarks published by The New York Times.

“I saw a hooker approach a man in a gray flannel suit. Pretty heavy stuff for a guy from Arkansas. My view is it’s way better now. You have to look at the overall numbers. Yes, look, I still have vivid memories of it. Romantic, fascinating.”

And Bill still owns that gray flannel suit.

Update: NBC New York really runs with the subject in their headline.

Video here. Hey, it’s no joke, he does still have that gray suit.

Author: Doug Powers

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