Elizabeth Hasselbeck Finds a Most Effective Way to Shut Up Joy Behar

I don’t watch The View, mostly because it’s like being trapped inside the head of a dopey left-coast schizophrenic with a hormonal imbalance — with commercials — but now and then there are some gems I run across from that show. This is one of them.

Joy Behar was defending the honor of Barack Obama’s intelligence (that he was fully capable of writing his own books, etc.) by saying “Obama went to Harvard Law School and Columbia University, he’s a very intelligent guy.” To which Hasselbeck immediately asked, “Doesn’t that make President Bush very smart as well then?” — ::Crickets::

At least Behar didn’t just walk out. She didn’t have time, because they immediately cut to commercial.

Skip to over 1:00 in for the exchange:

Bonus Behar battiness: Those air traffic controllers that have been falling asleep recently? Reagan’s fault.

Author: Doug Powers

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