A ‘Beaver’ Flashback Sure to Drive NOW Crazy

While poking around YouTube for a clip of Eddie Haskell sucking up to Mrs. Cleaver to go with a post I wrote earlier, I ran across a scene from Leave it to Beaver that I thought the National Organization for Women would really enjoy.

This clip features Mr. Cleaver teaching the Wally about the different responsibilities of men and women when it comes to cooking — and left-wing feminists certainly won’t like it — but there’s also a bonus kick to the groin for the nanny state safety police: dad uses asbestos gloves to handle the dishes:

Update: I got a tweet from somebody saying that the feminists will actually like the clip, because in the end Ward tears down his original point — but I think by then they’d be way too distracted by the asbestos thing for that to sink in.

Author: Doug Powers

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