The Media is Not, Repeat Not, Biased Against ‘Tea Party Radicals’

Yesterday there were many Tea Party rallies around the country — you know, those things where large groups of people exercise their First Amendment rights, express their desire for government to become more responsible and not saddle current and future generations with insurmountable debt and taxation — not to mention leave the area of their rallies as clean as they found it. In other words, radicals!

Here’s the actual caption of one AFP photo and video link from a Boston rally that appears on Yahoo News:


They’re not even trying to hide their bias anymore, are they? Can you imagine any media outlet showing a photo of left-wing protesters taking over a state Capitol, trashing public property and captioning them as “union radicals”?

Incidentally, AFP standards, 48 percent of the country is “radical.”

(h/t Newsbusters and Powerline)

Author: Doug Powers

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