Harry Reid Goes to China with Liberal Senators and Cowboy Poets (But Mostly Liberal Senators)

No matter what it’s costing to send this collection of some of the biggest spending left-wingers in Congress to China for a week, I’m all for it, because it’s definitely cheaper than it would be if they stayed here.


A Senate delegation led by Majority Leader Harry Reid arrived in Hong Kong on Monday for the start of a weeklong tour of China.

He and nine other senators will spend the week on an “informational trip” during which they plan to meet with government officials and visit American investments and clean energy projects, Democratic leadership said in a statement. The senators plan to discuss “issues including clean energy, trade issues, currency, foreign policy and human rights” with Chinese officials.

Joining Reid on the trip are six Democrats — Michael Bennet of Colorado, Barbara Boxer of California, Dick Durbin of Illinois, Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey, Jeff Merkley of Oregon and Chuck Schumer of New York — and Republicans Mike Enzi of Wyoming, Johnny Isakson of Georgia and Richard Shelby of Alabama.

The delegation plans to travel to Beijing, Chengdu and Xi’an.

When it was announced that Reid, Boxer, Durbin, Schumer and the Laut were coming, it was reported that the Mao statue in the Beijing Military Museum got a hard-on — but I’m sure it was just a coincidence.

Harry Reid will be sad to find out that if he was hoping to hear some cowboy poetry in China, he’s about five years late.

Author: Doug Powers

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