Wisconsin Tea Party: Union Reception Committee in Action

In Wisconsin on Saturday, the state unions reception committee was out in full force.

Here’s a union greeter welcoming Sarah Palin to Madison — chivalry is not dead:

This one’s even better. A 14 year old girl was on stage speaking at a Tea Party rally while an obviously really tough guy politely reminded her that she should have been home studying instead of out on the town on a Saturday:

Shouting obscenities at a 14 year old girl — he’ll be bragging about that one around the union hall water cooler for the next few weeks.

In regards to the first video, Dan Riehl uses enhanced audio to explore the rumor that the yelling man is none other than Charles Johnson from Little Green Footballs.

Update: More respectful behavior: Booing during the National Anthem.

Come on, Tea Party — if you want to get the lefties on board and gladly singing along, play this one instead:

(h/t Gateway Pundit)

Author: Doug Powers

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