Mourning at the White House: Inventor of the Teleprompter Dies at 91

Sad news to report this morning. The inventer of the teleprompter has passed away:

Hubert Schlafly created the teleprompter, the device that helps actors and politicians read scripts on television without looking down. Then he helped develop the satellite and cable networks that sent their words around the globe.

Mr. Schlafly, an engineer who died April 20 at age 91, created the teleprompter in 1950 in partnership with Fred Barton, a Broadway actor who imagined a tool that would eliminate human prompters.

He leaves behind a wife, three kids, nine grandchildren, and one presidency. If you see the flag outside the White House flying at half staff, now you know why. The president is expected to cancel his speeches for the remainder of the week until TOTUS is finished mourning.

More on the life of Mr. Schlafly here.

Author: Doug Powers

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