Bob Schieffer on Trump’s ‘Ugly Strain of Racism’ (Did Bob Call it an ‘Ugly Strain of Sexism’ When People Wanted to See Palin’s College Transcripts?)

Donald Trump wants to look at Barack Obama’s school grades. According to the uber-objective alleged journalist Bob Schieffer, that’s an “ugly strain of racism.”

I wish I would have thought of that one when I was in school and my parents asked about my grades.

“What did you get in social studies?”


Take it away, Bob:

Schieffer’s acting as if Obama’s the first president or presidential/VP candidate to ever have his or her school performance called into question. There have been others who refused to release their college grades, but I don’t recall Bob Schieffer saying it was an “ugly strain of sexism” when people called for the release of Sarah Palin’s transcripts. As a matter of fact, not releasing her transcripts was used by some as “proof” that Palin must be an idiot. Obama’s political opponents aren’t free to make that assumption about him without enduring the media’s worn out covering fire of “racism.”

(h/t HAP)

Author: Doug Powers

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