Gloria Allred Uses Baseball Bat to Demonstrate Her Contribution to the Integrity of the Legal Profession

Gloria Allred continues to bring class and dignity to her profession.

Sports Grid:

Yesterday, we told you about an unknown Major League Baseball coach who shouted gay slurs at a fan, then threatened him with a baseball bat in front his children. Well, it turns out that coach is Roger McDowell of the Atlanta Braves.

McDowell, in addition to the ugliness above, is also accused of simulating sex with a baseball bat at one point. To illustrate just how McDowell did this, Gloria Allred, a high-powered attorney representing the fan, decided to give us a demonstration at a news conference.

Bonus Allred “nothin-but-class” points: Notice the young kids looking on as she does this:

I’ve never seen a baseball bat go limp and try to run away before.

Author: Doug Powers

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