Rosie O’Donnell Can’t Believe Her Son Wants to Join the Military

To O’Donnell’s credit, she says she doesn’t try to dissuade him from a path he says he wants to follow, but we can forget about her ever being bright enough to recognize what the world would look like if it weren’t for people with ambitions like her son. In other words, if America were governed according to the whims of the “pro-peace” and “anti-killing” crowd Rosie runs with, we’d all be dead.

An added bonus is that in the military her son will learn that, yes, fire can melt steel — so maybe he can go home and convince Rosie of that fact.

The guy O’Donnell’s interviewing does manage to reassure her that there’s a chance her son will be the type of soldier who drops hugs instead of bombs, so she’s got that going for her:

Maybe part of the reason Rosie’s upset is because her son (who presumably has access to finer institutions of education in the country) is blowing a hole in her theory that people only join the military because they’re idiots and felons desperate for an education. And don’t forget that the military has “killed more Americans than terrorists”.

(h/t The Blaze)

The ’10 Most Hilarious Right Wing Nicknames for Obama’ went perusing the web in search of right-wing nicknames for Obama. They came up with a list of the ten “best” — which are…

King of Teleprompters
Barry the Weak
One Big A*# Mistake America
Obama 2012!!! Muslim Reign is Christian Pain!

I was always partial to “The Won” and “Reader-in-Chief,” but for the most part the names on that list are old… I prefer more updated nicknames that disgruntled lefties are calling the most missile-happy Nobel Peace Prize winner in history. Of those, “Obomba” has to be my favorite.

Scott Brown Disturbed by Dems Investigating His Health Records

Oh come on, Scott — maybe they’re just measuring you so your Obamacare suit fits properly.

From Politico:

U.S. Sen. Scott Brown — an upstart Blue State Republican in the cross hairs of national Democrats — is lashing out at the party’s opposition researchers, accusing them of prying into his family’s private health insurance records, and demanding that they stop fighting dirty.

“It seems in bad form. Obviously, when it comes to information about my wife and daughters, it crosses the line. I find it offensive and so do they,” Brown told the Herald yesterday.

“They (Democrats) don’t have any business muddling in the private health records of my family,” said Brown, adding that his family is “disturbed” by the intrusion.

Not to defend the Democrats, but it’s obvious that Scott Brown is in training to get his RINO license, so I’d imagine it’s only natural that the Donks would want to know every health detail of the person who’s going to be climbing into bed with them on a fairly consistent basis.

April Fools Day: Real or Not Real?

It’s that day of the year that I’ll be once again hoping President Obama goes on TV and yells “April Fool,” finally revealing that it’s all been an elaborate joke — but unfortunately I doubt that’s going to happen.

One story I’ve noticed a lot of outlets passing along is Paul Bedard’s article at US News about the Pentagon spending $600,000 on a “gurgling toad statue” (no, not a tribute to Henry Waxman, but an actual toad). I thought that Bedard mentioning April 1st in the article along with a photo of the “piece of art” that looks like a dime store knick-knack was a dead giveaway that it’s an April Fool’s joke.

However, part of the challenge of April Fool these days is that, thanks to the slapstick nature of modern-day politics and PC, it’s increasingly difficult to tell the difference between what’s real and what’s fake (with the exception of the contents of bikini tops on Malibu beaches).

What leads me to assume the story is fake is that it seems to me that the government would have spent way more than $600,000 for this:


That just has to be an April Fools joke, right? Maybe, but check out this proposal page. Click on “sculpture image” under the name Cheryl Foster. There’s our ugly toad.

Oh, and Google’s also got their annual April Fool feature up: Gmail Motion BETA. Or maybe it’s real. I just can’t tell the difference anymore.