Chris Matthews Thrilled US Went Out of its Way Not to Insult Islam with Bin Laden Burial

Chris Matthews is happy that the man who plotted the murders of thousands of innocent people didn’t have his religion insulted by the US:

“They ended this just right, even to the point of making sure the body was buried properly at sea according to Islamic law so that there would be no insult to Islam.”

This highlights my whole problem with the way people like Cap’n Legthrill look at this. Matthews is thrilled that the way the US buried Bin Laden didn’t insult Islam when he should be gravely concerned why Bin Laden himself didn’t insult Islam… or a good portion of it at least.

Laura Ingraham asks a question that would never occur to minds as enquiring as Chris Matthews’:


One thing’s for sure: If Bush/Cheney would have buried Bin Laden at sea Chris Matthews would have accused them of the most horrific act of waterboarding in history.

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Author: Doug Powers

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