Bin Laden Killed; Updated Throughout the Day

A while ago ABC News began reporting that the US had killed Osama Bin Laden in an air and/or ground strike in Pakistan (facts there are still fuzzy), and the US has the body. Now the story is all over most of the news networks. They’re saying it took a few days to be reported because there was DNA confirmation involved.

President Obama is going to be delivering an update shortly. More to come. You know how these “live” stories work… lots of information, and often little of it ends up to be factual, but it’ll get sorted out through the night.

Bless the troops as well as those who lost their lives on 9/11.

Michelle Malkin has much more here.

Update: President Obama confirms the US has custody of Bin Laden’s body.

Update II: They went out as cowardly as they lived… hiding behind women and children.

Update III: The celebration at Ground Zero last night:

The search for Bin Laden started almost ten years ago with this:

Update IV: The information trail leading to Bin Laden began to be blazed years ago and was to a great degree the result of Gitmo interrogations:

Sunday afternoon’s raid by U.S. forces that killed Osama bin Laden was the “culmination of years of careful and highly advanced intelligence work,” senior administration officials said in a conference call, describing the genesis of an operation that sounded like it was right out of a “Mission Impossible” movie.

Some time after Sept. 11, detainees held by the U.S. told interrogators about a man believed to work as a courier for bin Laden, senior administration officials said. The man was described by detainees as a protégé of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and “one of the few Al Qaeda couriers trusted by bin laden.”

Initially, intelligence officials only had the man’s nickname, but they discovered his real name four years ago.

Two years ago, intelligence officials began to identify areas of Pakistan where the courier and his brother operated, and the great security precautions the two men took aroused U.S. suspicions.

Last August, intelligence officials tracked the men to their residence in Abbottabad, Pakistan, a relatively wealthy town 35 miles north of Islamabad where many retired military officers live.

“When we saw the compound where the brothers lived, we were shocked by what we saw,” a senior administration official said.

Rest of the story here.

Update V: Video of the inside of Bin Laden’s “compound” is here. The place has all the charm of my first apartment.

Update VI: Last night, MSNBC’s Norah O’Donnell wanted to be the first to break the news on Twitter… she was in too much of a hurry. WHOOPS!

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