Senate Hearing to Determine if Bin Laden Mission Code Name ‘Geronimo’ was Offensive to Native Americans

The phrase “it’s come to this” has become cliché, but… it’s come to this:

The Senate Indian Affairs committee will hold a hearing Thursday on racist Native American stereotypes, a hearing that will now also address the Osama bin Laden mission and the code-name Geronimo.

While the hearing was scheduled before the mission, a committee aide today said the linking of the name Geronimo with the world’s most wanted man is “inappropriate” and can have a “devastating” impact on kids.

Signaling the elimination of the most wanted terrorist in the world with the code-name “Geronimo” could have a devastating impact on kids of Native American descent, but plastering most gambling casinos with Indian names is an acceptable way to honor Indian history? Maybe if Bin Laden’s compound would have had a cocktail waitress and a blackjack pit some PC addicts on the Senate Indian Affairs Committee wouldn’t have considered the code-name to be an insult.

Author: Doug Powers

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