Terrorists With Squirt Guns? Biden’s Training May Finally Pay Off

The website Jawa Report noticed something in the pictures Reuters purchased of the inside of Bin Laden’s compound following the SEALs raid… something that appears to be a water pistol or a Nerf gun under a body:


I’ve got three relatively young kids, so if I know anything, it’s Super Soakers and Nerf guns… and that’s what it looks like. There were kids in Bin Laden’s compound though, so maybe that could explain it… but I keep picturing one of these animals arriving in Valhalla holding a squirt gun. It probably won’t turn on many of those 72 virgins — not that they’ll want to, because they all look like this.

Is there a chance water/Nerf gun jihad is some kind of new Al Qaeda tactic? If so, that’s why Joe Biden spent the better part of last summer training with the elite Super Soaker Rangers:


Author: Doug Powers

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