About That Moat Filled with Alligators at the Border…

President Obama was in Texas last week mocking concerns about border security. He even made a crack about unsatisfied Republicans. “What do they want, a moat filled with alligators?”

Um… yes:

Texas Department of Public Safety chief Steve McCraw testified before lawmakers in Washington on Wednesday.

He says the majority of people from terrorist sponsored countries are getting into the U.S. along the Texas border. He pointed to Ahmed Muhammad Dhakane as one of those terrorists.

He asked for asylum at an international crossing in Brownsville in 2008. Halfway through the request, Federal Bureau of Investigation Agents took a closer look at him. They say he was an Al Qaeda terrorist and human smuggler. Dhakane admits to smuggling seven members of Al Qaeda into the U.S.

He’s been sentenced to 10 years behind bars for lying on his asylum application.

Border security certainly hasn’t improved since 2008, no matter what Janet Napolitano says. If anything it’s gotten worse as the current administration looks the other way while “undocumented Democrats” (and select members of Al Qaeda) flock across the border.

With that in mind, Rep. Joe Walsh (R-ocky Mountain Way) is taking Obama up on the moat idea:

(h/t Gateway Pundit)

Author: Doug Powers

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