Associated Press Likens the Obamas to Claire and Cliff Huxtable

Did the Huxtables have a teleprompter addiction, take lavish vacations after telling everybody else they should sacrifice for the greater good, wear $540 sneakers, want to fundamentally transform the country, feel an incessant urge to pinch every kid in the US with BMI calipers and have a pastor who said “God damn America” too? The AP thinks so:

Many in this generation liken the Obamas to the real-life version of the fictional iconic black couple, Cliff and Claire Huxtable, the doctor-lawyer duo who, along with their family, represented the colored version of the American dream. Actress Phylicia Rashad—who played the role of Claire—shared the stage with Obama on Sunday, receiving an honorary doctorate degree.

When The Cosby Show was on the air I remember hearing people say the Huxtables “weren’t really black” and that the show’s producers had to crank up the anglo in the fictional family so they would appeal to a wider audience. Around the progressive water cooler, should comparing the Obamas to the Huxtables really be considered a compliment?

That said, there are certain similarities. Here’s just one example:

Barack Obama: I don’t want them punished with a baby.

Claire Huxtable: Why did we have four kids?

Cliff: Because we didn’t want five.

Author: Doug Powers

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