Heh: Bill Clinton’s Former Zipper Repairmen Criticize Schwarzenegger’s ‘Risky’ Behavior


Hey, when it comes to commenting on high-level politicians who are serial pants-droppers, who better to discuss it then two guys who worked for President Clinton?

However, Stephanopoulos and Carville seem to have forgotten who they used to work for… which makes it even funnier to watch them chastise The Sperminator:

With a supreme lack of irony or self-awareness, former Clinton operatives George Stephanopoulos and James Carville on Tuesday chided the “amazing” revelation that Arnold Schwarzenegger had an affair and a love child.

Appearing on Good Morning America, Carville said of the former California governor: “…He put himself out here, knowing there was all this scrutiny on his personal life. That was a really risky thing he did in getting into politics, knowing this.”

Stephanopoulos agreed with his War Room pal, enthusing, “It is pretty amazing. That’s a good point.”

I think Steffy and James — two guys whose job duties once consisted partly of “whistling when Hillary’s coming” — are merely jealous that Schwarzenegger managed to keep it quiet for ten years when their former boss couldn’t doink the pudgy pizza delivery girl without it being front page news the next morning.

Speaking of Ah-nuld’s problem, cartoonist Daryl Cagle predicted it eight years ago.

Author: Doug Powers

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