Krauthammer: Stick a Fork in Newt, He’s Done

Newt Gingrich’s suicidal appearance on Meet the Press and subsequent Republican backlash now has me wondering: What’s the record for the shortest official presidential campaign ever? That is, assuming Gingrich is out by the end of the week (actually I think he’ll try to survive this, which will be even sadder).

Watch the clips of Gingrich before Krauthammer’s opinion — Newt was like a Kamikaze pilot flying into his own ship. But Krauthammer’s correct… I don’t see how Gingrich gets out of this one. In 2008, pre Tea Party, maybe (the GOP nominated John McCain fer cryin’ out loud) — but in 2012, not so much:

Update: I don’t know why the left is wasting time predictably calling Gingrich a racist (but what Republican isn’t?) when he’s doing such a bang-up job of destroying his own campaign.

Author: Doug Powers

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