Willie Nelson Withdraws Endorsement of Gary Johnson Because He Forgot He Was Going to Endorse Kucinich?

And they say that that smoking pot all the time will have a negative effect on your memory? Pfft:

Legendary musician and outspoken drug legalization advocate Willie Nelson endorsed fellow outspoken drug legalization advocate Gov. Gary Johnson for president earlier this week, only to retract that statement earlier today and choose to endorse no one (yet). This is all fairly humorous, except most of the media outlets reporting this story have been burying the lede: Nelson withdrew his support because he’s “already committed to Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich.”

I’m surprised Kucinich will accept the endorsement — Dennis has been pissed ever since Willie made a hash pipe out of his tinfoil hat.

Hey, as long as he doesn’t forget the words to Blue Eyes Cryin in the Rain I don’t really care — and neither does the judge:

Author: Doug Powers

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