Paging Sheriff Joe! Stimulus Recipients Owe Over $750 Million in Back Taxes


Last year we Joe Biden, the Stimulus Sheriff, went on a big “Summer Recovery Tour” to promote all the great things a trillion dollars worth of debt spending was doing for America.

This year, Obama should send Biden on a similar tour — except this time to collect back taxes from stimulus recipients.

From the General Accounting Office:

We found the following: (1) Thousands of Recovery Act contract and grant recipients owe hundreds of millions in federal taxes: At least 3,700 Recovery Act contract and grant recipients–including prime recipients, subrecipients, and vendors–are estimated to owe more than $750 million in known unpaid federal taxes as of September 30, 2009, and received over $24 billion in Recovery Act funds.
(2) Examples of Recovery Act recipients with unpaid federal taxes engaged in abusive or potentially criminal activity: For the 15 cases we selected for further review, we found abusive or potentially criminal activity…

Sure, but it was a small price to pay to totally turn around the economy and keep the unemployment rate down. Oh, wait…

The Stimulus might also be referred to as the “Barack Obama’s Cabinet Member Training Program.”

Author: Doug Powers

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