Barney Frank Covers His Fannie

I don’t know what’s more maddening — that Barney Frank was the proverbial “mouse in charge of the cheese” when it comes to running the committee overseeing Fannie & Freddie, or that he was also later in charge of fixing the problem after it was clear that he was part of the problem.

Frank has confirmed a claim in a book about the financial crisis that, while he was Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, he got his “companion” a job at Fannie Mae — but he said that this “didn’t influence his duties” on the Committee.

Apparently it didn’t end there either — Barney’s mother was helped out as well:

Morgenson also reported in the book that Fannie Mae made sizable grants — $25,000 in 1994 and $50,000 in 2001 — to a Boston organization cofounded by Frank’s late mother and twice gave the group an award for its work in providing housing for the elderly. Frank said yesterday in an interview with the Globe that the grants to the organization, the Committee to End Elder Homelessness, did not influence his duties.

I’ll be surprised if there isn’t a treasure trove of other questionable favors that, without a doubt, didn’t influence his duties.

Um, Barney, unless your “duties” were to get jobs and grants for family and boyfriends, then yes, it did “influence your duties” — and your duties influenced others, not to mention put taxpayers on the hook for billions.

Author: Doug Powers

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