Weiner-Gate, Day 3: Even CNN Getting Skeptical Now

Or is it day four? Eh, whatever…

Here’s what I know so far: New York Rep. Anthony Weiner ended up with a relatively lewd photo being sent to a woman from his Twitter account early this past weekend (I’ve heard of Friday “document drops” but occasionally we also get a “pants drop”). Weiner says his account was hacked but instead of getting the police involved he hired a lawyer.

As you can see by the video below, he’s not answering questions about it:

Who knows what happened… all I’m saying is that for a guy prone to outbursts and rage like Weiner, it seems like he’d be just a little more publicly pissed off at a hacker who did something that could ruin his entire political career.

Ann Althouse has a possibility: Weiner doesn’t really write his own Tweets and it was some intern or staffer who did it.

Meanwhile, Weiner’s office refuses to say if that’s Weiner’s wiener in the picture. Which would make the whole story even stranger, because if it is him in the picture and Weiner sticks to his hacker story, that would mean that the hacker was hiding between Weiner’s legs.

I’m going to change the subject now or else I might not be able to eat dinner.

Author: Doug Powers

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