Governor Christie Takes State Helicopter to Son’s Baseball Game


A certainty in life — in addition to death and taxes — is that a politician who seems to be on the right track in promoting a leaner, more responsible, less hypocritical government will inevitability do something like this:

A brand-new State Police helicopter was Gov. Chris Christie’s ride of choice yesterday as he traveled to and from his son’s baseball game in Bergen County.

His office won’t say where he came from or where he went afterward. But about an hour and 10 minutes after leaving the game, Christie arrived, by car, at the governor’s mansion in Princeton to meet with a group of Iowa businessmen trying to recruit him for a presidential run.
As the game at St. Joseph Regional High School in Montvale was about to begin, a noise from above distracted the spectators who watched the 55-foot-long helicopter buzz over the trees in left field, circle the outfield and land in an adjacent football field. Christie left the helicopter and got into a black car with tinted windows that drove him about 100 yards to the baseball field. The governor watched from the bleachers as his eldest son, Andrew, played starting catcher for Delbarton School. Christie played the position of catcher in high school as well.

There are groups of people begging Christie to run for president, but if he can’t see (or worse, doesn’t care) that stuff like this presents the wrong imagery maybe he’s better off staying in Jersey.

Taking a state copter to a baseball game and then jumping in a sedan to be driven the final 100 yards? Come on, Governor — this is the kind of stuff we mock limo lib politicians for doing.

Author: Doug Powers

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