Romney’s In… Again

Is it just me, or does it seem like this is about the sixth time this year Mitt Romney has announced he’s running for president?

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney has entered the race to be the Republican candidate for US president in 2012, saying President Barack Obama has “failed America”.

Mr Romney blamed Mr Obama for the economic woes frustrating voters, like federal spending and unemployment during a speech in New Hampshire.

If elected, he said he would make the US the world’s top job creator.

Team Obama couldn’t be more thankful.

Am I seriously expected to vote for somebody who once made Ted Kennedy smile like this?


Mitt Romney can say the right things — today’s speech is one example — but I’m more interested in what he does than says.

Some of Mitt’s thunder is being stolen today though, because Sarah Palin is also in New Hampshire.

Update: The DNC’s getting some mileage out of the “Mitt and Sarah both in New Hampshire” situation:

Author: Doug Powers

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