Thursday Weiner Roast; Update: Weiner’s Office Calls Cops on Reporter (Video)

Consider this our open thread for any Weiner news today. Or if the very thought of it is starting to make you ill, feel free to talk about anything else.

Founding Bloggers has a story about somebody who demonstrated how Weiner might not have actually sent the picture (apparently there’s a security flaw in the Twitter/yfrog interaction). Weiner defenders are embracing that as proof he didn’t do it, when in fact it’s just a possible reason he might not have done it — big difference. None of that explains why he wouldn’t know if that’s him in the picture.

If it says anything about Weiner’s personality, his career’s on the line and yet he’s obsessing over how many Twitter followers he has:

And I’ve asked internet security to take a look at my private internet feed. my private twitter feed that has 45,000 followers, more than Michele Bachmann, I want to point that out, I finally passed her.

Well I guess Bachmann had better get a crotch shot out there asap so she can re-take the lead!

MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch said that Weiner should have been “very honest” about the whole thing and… lied.

Michelle Malkin was on Hannity last night and told Weiner to fess up or shut up, and also correctly pointed out that Weiner’s worst enemy in all this is… Weiner.

Notice that Fox News has a “Weinergate” logo too:

Yes, people like Anthony Weiner are in positions of power and actually control the destiny of the United States. Sleep well, America.

Update: The latest developments, if you will, from Founding Bloggers.

Update II: Gee, ya think the stress is getting to Weiner and his staff? Errr, I should say, his staffers

(h/t JWF)

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