Katie Couric Wonders if the Weiner Saga is a ‘Legit News Story’


Tim Graham at Newsbusters:

…on her Twitter page on Thursday, Couric tweeted: “I’m curious if anybody thinks this Anthony Weiner Twitter scandal is a legit news story or just fodder for late-night comedians…thoughts?”

Do you think she really wonders why her ratings were so low?

We didn’t have time to find out if Rep. Chris Lee’s shirtless Craigslist photo would have been news to Couric, because the Republican resigned quickly — something Weiner apparently doesn’t have the dignity or party pressure to do. Couric did report Lee’s resignation, however.

How come Couric didn’t ask anybody if this was a “legit news story” before airing it?

(CBS) Suri Cruise, the offspring of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, finally made her public debut Tuesday night when Katie Couric showed pictures of the 4-month-old girl during her first night as anchor of the CBS Evening News With Katie Couric.

But a married member of Congress alleged to have sent a picture of his junk to a female student — either that or had his account hacked (sure) — might not be a legit story?

Anderson Cooper has a question for Katie:


Don’t sweat it, Katie — the question is rhetorical.

(h/t Free Republic)

Author: Doug Powers

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