Weiner Resignation Watch & Over/Under Pool; Update: ‘I Am Not Resigning’

It’s only a matter of time now… isn’t it? Weiner might not resign, but it’s hard to believe he’s not being talked to by the Dem leadership. Or maybe not.

I’ve noticed that the mainstream news outlets are reporting the story now, but not as directly as they would if we were talking about a Republican (who would be gone by now). Take this CBS headline: Conservative website posts private pictures of Anthony Weiner

The spin is set: Andrew Breitbart caused all this trouble because he invaded somebody’s privacy.

Here’s the latest picture that Weiner allegedly sent to a woman… did Weiner learn nothing from Chris Lee? Apparently not


More at Big Government, provided you have a strong stomach. Jeez, how stupid is this guy? But in fairness to Weiner, as Daniel Foster at NRO just wrote, we’ll have to wait until Weiner can say with certitude that those are in fact his pecs.

I’m particularly disturbed by this picture that looks like it was taken from his “Weiner-cam”:


As Michelle says: Ick.

If he does resign (after the above pic came out, put me down for 11 p.m. Tuesday night), I say we give him a chance for one more epic House floor meltdown so America can see a fully engorged Weiner in all his politically suicidal glory:

Update: Another website has Weiner material. Sounds like he was obsessed with himself, which is hardly surprising.

Update II: Weiner has called a 4pm press conference. Maybe he’ll say he’s taking a little time off to get spiritual guidance from the sage clergyman who officiated his wedding.

Update III: Live link to the presser here. Breitbart’s there too — GOLD! He’s actually at the podium where Weiner’s expected to… not resign.

Update IV: “I am not resigning.”

Okay, Andrew, keep crankin’ out the photos!

Update V: Weiner should have done something like this guy did and offered a pre-emptive apology for any further Breitbart bombshells:


Update VI: Pelosi calls for an ethics investigation. She just wants official confirmation that Weiner’s unethical enough to remain a prominent Democrat.

Author: Doug Powers

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