You Know You Did Something Wrong When You’re Apologizing to Bill Clinton


Apologizing to Bill Clinton for a sexual wrongdoing is a little like getting caught robbing a bank and having to explain yourself to John Dillinger.

NBC New York:

Rep. Anthony Weiner explained himself and apologized for his conduct to Bill Clinton, who officiated his wedding to wife Huma Abedin, sources familiar with the call said.
It wasn’t immediately clear what was said on the call, but sources said that the Clintons – who are deeply loyal to Abedin – are distressed by the “sexting” scandal that Weiner immersed his wife in.

It’s reported that Bill accepted Weiner’s apology and then went back to burying his face in a stripper’s chest and making motorboat noises.

Meanwhile, Hillary and Huma are headed to Africa. Actually, Michelle Obama and Oprah are going to Africa this month too. If they’d take Nancy Pelosi with them it would be the best month ever in the states.

Author: Doug Powers

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