GM CEO: Raise the Gas Tax!

The American driving & taxpaying public bailed them out, and this is how their CEO proposes saying “thank you”?

General Motors Co. CEO Dan Akerson wants the federal gas tax boosted as much as $1 a gallon to nudge consumers toward more fuel-efficient cars, and he’s confident the government will soon shed its remaining 26 percent stake in the once-bankrupt automaker.
“You know what I’d rather have them do — this will make my Republican friends puke — as gas is going to go down here now, we ought to just slap a 50-cent or a dollar tax on a gallon of gas,” Akerson said.

“People will start buying more Cruzes and they will start buying less Suburbans.”

No, people will start buying more Ramen noodles and won’t be able to afford to drive to work, Einstein.

Hey, I have an idea — if he wants to get people into more fuel efficient cars, why doesn’t he lower the price of his fuel efficient cars?

The “solution” for all problems now is for you to pay more for everything. That attitude obviously rubbed off from Obama and landed at the top of Government Motors.

And these pinheads wonder why the economy is in a shambles?

Author: Doug Powers

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