Aw: Weiner Worried About How He’d Make a Living if He Weren’t a Congressman


His fear is justified. It’s not often you run across an employment ad that reads: “Wanted, short-tempered leftist who likes to waste other people’s money and has no appreciable real-world skills — comfort with electronically sending pictures of penis to random females a must.”

From Politico:

Several sources said an emotional Weiner was calling selected Democratic colleagues, telling them he will fight it out and wasn’t going to resign, citing citywide polling data released this week. He also claimed his wife, Huma Abedin — who is pregnant with the couple’s first child — wants him to stay on.

Weiner has also complained to friends that he wasn’t sure how he would make a living if he were to leave Congress and its $174,000 annual salary. “He’s worried about money and how to pay his bills,” said a Democratic insider. “He’s very concerned about that.”

Borrowing some walkin’ around money from the wife probably wouldn’t be an easy task for the forseeable future, but I’d recommend that he save a few bucks by getting rid of that Blackberry. Neal Boortz thinks he could get a private sector job as host of a new CNN show called “Weiner-Spitzer,” but that’s not a sure thing.

By way of commenter ITooktheRedPill over at Michelle’s place, here’s a dramatic re-enactment of Weiner’s refusal to quit:

Author: Doug Powers

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