President of Local NOW Chapter Separates the Weiner from the Chaff

The head of a local chapter of the “National Organization for Pushing the Liberal Agenda Under the Guise of Feminism Even if it Means Sacrificing Women in the Process,” or NOW for short, is our Weiner supporter of the day:

The head of the Brooklyn/Queens chapter of the National Organization for Women said she could separate Weiner’s sexcapades from the liberal track record that earned the group’s support.

“I wasn’t happy to discover that my congressman is a 14-year-old boy,” said Julie Kirshner, president of the NOW chapter.

“But he happens to be one of the best politicians out there, so we’re in a bad position. We’re trying to give him the benefit of the doubt.”

Janeane Garofalo agrees.

What exactly is the argument here? That if it weren’t for politicians like Anthony Weiner fighting to win respect for women and to keep the Internet safe from sexual predators, there would be fewer people like… Anthony Weiner? We’re witnessing the birth of “The Weiner Paradox.”

(h/t Gateway Pundit)

Author: Doug Powers

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